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The dream of Izzy Pop Pet Salon began in April of 2010 by way of casual conversation.  But to Owner, Rita Dadosky, the idea was much more than casual.  Being in the grooming industry for 15 years, Rita knew she wanted a happy, funky, fun & relaxed atmosphere. She passionately pursued her dream.  The first hurdle was finding a location that offered a serene and non-threatening atmosphere for clients and their four legged kids.  Stumbling upon a severely neglected and empty home in eclectic Berry Hill, Rita knew that with some hard work and love, Izzy Pop Pet Salon was starting to become a reality.  In fact, we invite you to visit our Facebook page to see Izzy Pop's incredible transformation! Rita continued working diligently to open the salon.  In April 2011, Izzy Pop was officially taking clients! When parents turn the corner onto Fessey Court, their kids know that a fun day at Izzy Pop awaits!

Featuring a fun and funky environment, Izzy Pop offers a social environment for the dogs - allowing plenty of play time during their stay.  There is also a large backyard for outside business and exploration.  Rita works closely with every dog - shy or rambunctious - so that everyone gets the unique care they deserve!

We invite you to partake in the Izzy Pop challenge - give us a chance, and see how long it takes your pup to LOVE coming to our shop!
Izzy Pop Regulars

Izzy - My Mom owns Izzy Pop Pet Salon! She thinks I'm so cute that she named the shop after me! I am a chocolate brown Pomeranian and I weigh about 4 pounds.  The thing people love most about me is my haircut. Mom makes sure I look like a teddy bear with a lion's mane!  I like to greet everyone that comes through the door, but after that you can usually find me sitting on my "throne" in the Salon office.

Ruben - I like to hang out at Izzy Pop Pet Salon with my sister and my Mom.  Mom is always grooming other dogs, so I make sure she knows when anyone comes in the shop.  I am a white and brown Pomeranian with long hair - even though some of it is falling out because of Al-ooo-peeesha (I can't spell very well, I'm a dog), Mom says.  The vet says I weigh about 5 pounds, but I think I weigh 100.  You can usually find me on a bean bag chair in the grooming room or patrolling the front lobby.

-Jenifer  Jenifer joined the Izzy Pop family in March 2012. You can usually find her in the bathing room, but she often checks clients in and out. Jennifer is very caring towards every pet, and sometimes we can hear her having sweet conversations with them! We ALL love her!
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